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Database Re-Engagement for Your Business

The quickest path to cash in your business

What makes our Database Re-Engagement Different?

With proven campaigns, detailed offers, templates, and messaging, we guarantee results.with our Database Re-Engagement.

Reactivate Past Customers

Are you a business owner struggling to bring back past customers? Database re-engagement is the quickest path to cash in business. With our Database Re-engagement service, you can quickly and easily start bringing back past customers who already know, like, and trust your business. Our database re-engagement services will help make this dream come true for you! We guarantee success in reactivating customers and getting incoming calls, booked appointments, reviews, and even referrals. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could focus on growing your business instead of trying to sell to people who don’t know or trust you yet. Sign up now for our database re-engagement services today!

Keep Top of Mind with Your Database

Are you looking for a way to keep your customers top of mind and engaged with your business? Our Database Reengagement service is the perfect solution. With this service, we provide templates and offers that will help you stay connected with past customers while also getting incoming calls, booked appointments, reviews, and even referrals. Our experienced team has run hundreds of successful database re-engagement campaigns, so you can trust in our expertise to help re-engage your customer base.

Get Incoming Calls

One of the coolest parts of running a Database Re-engagement is the number of inbound calls you will receive from past customers. While the campaign is running, many customers will pick up their phone and dial your company, inquiring about your services. As you can see in this video, even if people don't immediately call your business, the next time they need your services, they'll search their messages, find your business, and call right away.

Booked Appointments

When businesses use our Database Reengagement service to book appointments, they are able to quickly and easily reconnect with customers who already know, like, and trust their business. Our proven offers and templates are designed to help businesses stay connected with past customers, while also significantly increasing incoming calls and booked appointments. This is an incredibly powerful way to get customers to use your service without the expensive cost of ad spend. That's right...No Ad Spend Required!

Get Reviews & Referrals for your Company

One of the best ways to take advantage of your customer database is to reach out to them and ask for a review. This fun and engaging strategy can not only get lots of positive reviews for your business but can also build loyalty with your customer base. It's a win-win! And if you really want to go the extra mile, you can also ask customers for referrals. This is a great way to quickly and easily get more customers coming through your doors while also increasing brand awareness and loyalty with existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is database reengagement?

Database re-engagement is the process of reaching out to past customers to re-engage them and request your services once again. This process can be used to increase awareness of your company and bring repeat customers back into the fold.


How long does a typical database reengagement campaign take to run?

Depending on how large a company's database is, it can take anywhere from a month to three months. Since no Database Re-Engagement campaign is created equal, we adjust the length of the campaign to fit your company's goals and needs.

Nice to Meet You!

My name is Robb Leishman and I’m a Database Reengagement Specialist. I help businesses reactivate past customers, keep them top of mind, get incoming calls, booked appointments, reviews and referrals.

I became a Database Reengagement Specialist because I saw that many business owners were missing something very important - repeat customers grow the business. If your company is running on new business alone then you will be overworked for the rest of your life trying to sell to people who don't know, like, or trust you yet. Database re-engagement is the quickest path to cash in business because it deals with people who have already exchanged money for services with your business in the past so they already know you and trust you.

I've been working as a Database Reengagement Specialist for over a decade now and during that time I created successful templates and offers used by countless businesses around the world which has helped them bring back past customers fast while also increasing their income through more incoming calls, booked appointments, reviews and even referrals!

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